LURED – The Unrivaled Serpent


Book 1 in the Bound by Infidelity Trilogy

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She should have kept her mouth shut.

When Paige Whitmyer’s guilt becomes all-consuming and she confesses to her adoring husband that she has been unfaithful, she expects he will demand a divorce. Instead, he holds her to her wedding vows; to love, honor, and respect him. But what if that means dishonoring herself? Forgiveness always comes at a price.

Paige is living a privileged life in Point Dume, California, with her husband Gerard, a powerful attorney. She has successfully put her dark past and a life-altering event behind her. She is moving forward, that is, until Alex Perna arrives.

Fresh out of prison for armed robbery, Alex receives a job offer from his stepbrother, Gerard, he cannot refuse. Getting vengeance against the man who betrayed you is so much easier when you’re up close and personal… or so Alex thinks.

Three lives are about to collide over one explosive secret. An act of deception so insidious, lives will be forever changed.

* Note to the reader. The Bound by Infidelity trilogy is intended for a mature audience and reader discretion is advised. Some themes and scenes may affect sensitive readers.


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