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Writing isn’t for everyone, and in my opinion, blogging can be one of the hardest forms of writing there is. When it comes to the craft of blogging, unless you’re as proficient as Seth Godin, your posts aren’t going to go viral. They might not even get shared, that is, unless you have something of value to offer. So, how do the professionals get noticed and their posts shared? I went on a quest to see what readers want, and these are my five tips to consider when blogging.


This one is a good way to start because, let’s face it, the world is full of problems. My advice here, however, comes from a place of experience. Make sure to pick your audience in advance and cast light on one of their most common problems. An idea would be to use recently conducted surveys to target an audience and narrow down what their primary interests are and what problems they encounter. If you’re older than your target audience and knowledgeable in that area, then you can confidently speak from experience. Sharing a little about yourself can draw the reader in and make them feel validated. Admitting that you too have faced a similar problem helps to form camaraderie and followers. 


I know what you’re thinking: isn’t writing giving someone something to read, thereby entertaining them? Sure, but what exactly are you entertaining them with? Is it something funny, shocking, or scary, or are you just rambling on without a real point?

Here are two examples. I’ll let you decide which one holds your interest.

[ Example # 1.

When I began blogging, I hadn’t a clue what to write about. No, that’s not true. There was plenty I wanted to write about; I just didn’t know where to start and whether it was good enough. Finding my writer’s voice was a journey into the unknown, but you need to start somewhere, right? Most people start on the journey to blogging because they love to write but having the correct formula can be a tricky thing. I spent hours reading and researching the correct way to blog, and the one thing I found is that some blogs are just downright too long and boring.][Example # 2.

The cursor is flashing in front of my face. The kids are screaming in the background, and I’m sure I can smell smoke. I pray it’s the neighbour’s BBQ, not the casserole I popped in the oven hours ago because there’s an irate publisher and a deadline to meet, and I’ve drawn a complete and utter blank. If you’ve ever been in this predicament, read on.

There’s a myth amongst many authors that they can write whatever they please. This may be true to an extent, but I have to agree with author June Casagrande when she states, “If you want to master the art of the sentence, you must first accept a somewhat unpleasant truth—something a lot of writers would rather deny: The Reader in King. You are his servant. When you forget the reader, you get Writer-serving writing. Any writing that’s meant to be seen by a Reader must serve the Reader.”]

Point well made, June. That’s why we need to make sure our writing is entertaining and informative to the Reader, not just ourselves [the writer]


This is one of my favourites because it’s a way of sharing your wisdom while helping someone. Inspiring someone to change their negative ways or thoughts is never a waste. Inspirational writing is one of the most commonly shared posts. Everyone knows someone who could use a boost. More often than not, we are sharing something we fundamentally all know deep down, and authors who voice this are admired for reaching out and putting their thoughts into words. So, write a piece that is uplifting to your audience. I guarantee you’ll collect followers and or subscribers.


I find this one a little tricky because it really is dependent on your audience. I love, love, love giving writing tips, but are other authors really my best target audience when it comes to blogging and promoting my work? This one still really baffles me because, yes, I do love to read, and I’m always open to learning from those more experienced than me, but blogging what I know to educate newbies might only attract writers. But are all writers interested in my novel? I would love to split myself into two so there is the writer me and the reader me. Not only is time scarce, but I’m also picky when it comes to reading other authors’ work. I can’t seem to shut down the critic in my head. I’m yet to acquire that skill. Ideally, I’d like my target audience to be readers, not other writers. So, what information can you share that might educate and enlighten someone? Sharing our own personal journey, as Jack Roney has here, is always interesting to all readers and writers alike. Learning how someone got to where they are can be utterly fascinating.


Every blog should deliver some reward, be it emotional, virtual, or physical. A giveaway can also serve as a call to action, which is imperative in each and every blog post, even if it’s additional reading via a link. I know of authors who give away handy things like a character profile spreadsheet or word cheat sheets. Think of ways you can lure the reader in. Promise something at the end that rewards them for the time they spent reading your post. Like this link here if you’d like to receive my first book, LURED – The Unrivaled Serpent, for free. Simply click this link, and you will be redirected to Book Funnel, where you can instantly download a copy.

Now, off I go to practice what I preach.


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