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Romantic intrigue at its finest! Read Ariana Keddie’s Bound by Infidelity trilogy, because nothing is what it seems in this gritty psychological thriller with erotic elements.


She should have kept her mouth shut.

When Paige Whitmyer’s guilt becomes all-consuming and she confesses to her adoring husband that she has been unfaithful, she expects he will demand a divorce. Instead, he holds her to her wedding vows; to love, honor, and respect him. But what if that means dishonoring herself? Forgiveness always comes at a price.

Paige is living a privileged life in Point Dume, California, with her husband Gerard, a powerful attorney. She has successfully put her dark past and a life-altering event behind her. She is moving forward, that is, until Alex Perna arrives.

Fresh out of prison for armed robbery, Alex receives a job offer from his stepbrother Gerard, he cannot refuse. Getting vengeance against the man who betrayed you is so much easier when you’re up close and personal… or so Alex thinks.

Three lives are about to collide over one explosive secret.

An act of deception so insidious, lives will be forever changed.

The Bound by Infidelity trilogy is intended for a mature audience. Reader discretion is advised as some themes and scenes my affect sensitive readers.

Ariana Keddie - Author of Erotic Romance


It was supposed to be a 'one-time' experience.

After finding herself in the thick of a three-way designed to spice up her marriage, Paige convinces herself it was necessary to appease her husband following her infidelity. Now she wants things to go back to normal. Her husband Gerard has other ideas. With his dirty little secret out, he wants anything but normal.

Caught between the wedded couple, Alex is torn. Struggling to get his life back on track after his stint in prison, the last thing he wants is to be dragged into a marital mess. But with his lust for Paige, along with his growing concern for her, it’s a no-brainer. He needs to stay close. Something is going on that he just can’t figure out. Suddenly he’s faced with a difficult decision, one that might land him right back in jail.

The Bound by Infidelity trilogy is intended for a mature audience. Reader discretion is advised as some themes and scenes my affect sensitive readers.


Everything she knew about her husband—was a lie.

Trapped in a web of deceit, Paige fights to maintain her sanity. Gerard is manipulating her, controlling her, and she’s now afraid of him. When a family crisis forces Paige to return to her hometown, she hopes for closure. But going back also means facing the demons of her past.

Keeping secrets from her childhood friend, Sheree about her life in the city with the man she once adored, was a necessity. But exposing the truth to get the help Paige needs may cost her more than she can bear to lose.

Hell hath no fury like a betrayed husband. Gerard will stop at nothing to maintain his hold over Paige. Indulging her for his own personal gratification has lost its luster, and Alex is no longer the contrite man he can exploit. It’s time for Gerard to show them who is in control.

But has he underestimated the power and resilience of love? Or will everyone get what they deserve?

The Bound by Infidelity Trilogy is intended for a mature audience. Reader discretion is advised as some themes and scenes my affect sensitive readers.

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Ariana Keddie is the author of suspenseful, sexy, intriguing fiction. Growing up addicted to romance novels, it seemed a natural progression to hone her passion for writing to become a junkie of the craft. Spending most of her spare time researching the art of storytelling, Ariana hopes to resonate with an audience via her writer’s voice. A voice she found while struggling with personal demons which became the inspiration behind her debut work, Lured – The Unrivaled Serpent. In quick succession Bound – The Catalytic Rose was published followed by Free – The Luminous Pearl to complete the Bound by Infidelity trilogy.

A lover of animals, fine wine, and Byron Bay, when Ariana isn’t behind her laptop, she spends her time helping her cowboy husband on their Queensland properties and creating memories with their family.

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