BOUND – The Catalytic Rose (Book 2)


Book 2 in the Bound by Infidelity Trilogy

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It was supposed to be a ‘one-time’ experience.

After finding herself in the thick of a three-way designed to spice up her marriage, Paige convinces herself it was necessary to appease her husband following her infidelity. Now she wants things to go back to normal. Her husband Gerard has other ideas. With his dirty little secret out, he wants anything but normal.

Caught between the wedded couple, Alex is torn. Struggling to get his life back on track after his stint in prison, the last thing he wants is to be dragged into a marital mess. But with his lust for Paige, along with his growing concern for her, it’s a no-brainer. He needs to stay close. Something is going on that he just can’t figure out. Suddenly he’s faced with a difficult decision, one that might land him right back in jail.

* Note to the reader. The Bound by Infidelity trilogy is intended for a mature audience and reader discretion is advised. Some themes and scenes may affect sensitive readers.


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